Armed Robber Gets Busted By The Most Unlikeliest Of People

A Brandon, Mississippi man is behind bars after he gets busted by the cops and his mother. 22-year-old Roy Mitchell walked into D’s 1 Stop convenience store on Highway 80 in Brandon and demanded money after paying for a bag of Doritos.

The video which was obtain from the stores owner shows Mitchell grabbing a bag of Doritos and tossing them on the counter. He gives the clerk $2. As the clerk goes to get change from the register Mitchell pulls a gun from his pants and demands the clerk to hand over all the money in the register. Moments later the man’s mother appears and grabs the gun from Mitchell. His mother then tells the clerk the gun is just a replica and asks the clerk to not call the police. But the clerk does call the police and the pair was apprehended a short time later. Mitchell now faces attempted armed robbery charges.